12-10-17 The Bastille Market

Sunday, Market day and we headed off to The Bastille Market. This is one of the largest partisan markets in Paris and stretches from the Bastille and Richard Lenoir metro stations and has 150 plus stalls.

The Market about midpoint

Stalls are piled high with fruit and vegetables, meats, fish, shellfish, cheese and lots and lots of other things. There was also a spattering of clothing – wallets, handbags, scarfs and even some wine.

Janeen and Ryan of course
Champagne! I did pick up a bottle of Brute

We walked most of the market, fortunately after the rain had stopped, and picked up a few things for our kitchen.

Vegetables – LOTS of vegetables.
Olives lots of Olives and spreads
Mushrooms all kinds!
Meats lots of Meats – there were several different places selling fresh meet…
More fish
Lots of fresh fish, shellfish and oysters
Fruits and more vegetables.
These little plants had been flocked with a white powder! Little white Christmas trees
Lots of spices.
Chicken – he has his hands on a chicken with all its feathers still – fresh for sure
David on the metro
Chris with all our goodies on the metro.






























I fully expect we will hit another one or two while we are here.

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