11-19-17 Castles, Rope Bridges and Titanic Belfast

Along the road towards the Giant’s Causeway we stopped and took a view pictures of this ruined Norman Castle.

A castle ruin on the cliffs of Northern Ireland looking out towards Scotland.

Originally all the castles would have been White. This one, from the ocean, would have been very visible showing those heading that way the power of the owner and to stay away!

Well, guess who this is!
Note the people on the bridge!

Further along we stopped at an overlook at a rope bridge that links an island to the coastline. Fisherman to get out to the island and catch fish used this rope bridge.

OK, you have to be nuts to go over this thing in my opinion.

Now it is basically a tourist attraction allowing the brave to cross over to the island. We didn’t have the time to make the trip.Next up was the Titanic Belfast Experience.

The Exterior of the Titanic Experience building – looks a lot like the bow of three ships.

This is a very large building that was built at the location where the Titanic was originally built and launched.


The building points directly towards the dock where the hull was constructed.

Janeen coming out of the Titanic Experience Building.

Inside the building are a number of different displays about the area around Belfast when it was built, various shipbuilding displays and other information. The doors opened on this place on March 31, 2012, marking the centenary year of the launching of the Titanic.

One of the galleries within the Titanic Experience building discussing what was happening around the early 1900’s.
An entire section of the display went over the shipyard workers and gave you some idea of how the ship was built.

Of course there are depictions of various parts of the Titanic including various staterooms, dining areas and of course a listing of the passengers that either made it or didn’t. All in all it was a very well done display but kind of of depressing when you think about all the history we all know about this ship. At the final display is a video of

A reproduction of one of the grand staircases.

Bob Ballard who discovered the Titanic gravesite in the mid 1980’s after extensive research.









Next stop – a Pub for dinner, music and some lite entertainment. Once that was done we got back on the bus for our final stop in Dublin and the end of the tour.

Tony our guide in a Pub – I’m having a Guinness of course, Tony, our guide and driver, is drinking soda because he still has to drive to Dublin.

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