11-24-17 Kilkenny Castle

Friday was shopping day and we headed off to the Old Boot Factory to see if I could find a pair of boots to supplement inventory of things to put on my feet. After wandering around a bit we did find the place and ultimately picked up a nice pair of low boots and several other things for our trip. Heading back to the room, we stopped at a nice Italian restaurant for lunch and then after unloading our stuff we went to tour Kilkenny Castle.

The front of the Castle.

The Normans built Kilkenny Castle in 1195 to control a fording- point on the River Nore. It was both a symbol of Norman occupation and used as a defensive point for the City. Over the years it was modified and changed ownership several times but the longest owner/occupants were the Butlers. They owned and controlled the area for over 500 years. The final hereditary owner decided to grant the State ownership for fifty pounds. Thirty years of neglect meant the refurbishment was costly, but area families who had bought up furniture when the family moved south, responded to a request to donate furnishings from the 19th century. Photos by one local gallery owner over a period of time provided guidelines for wall coverings, room designations etc. The carpeting throughout was rewoven from patterns that had been designated as “not to be duplicated” except for the family. The family , over a 500-year residence, adapted the surrounding 12th century walls to the needs of each generation, including removing all the south walls to reveal the beautiful park. We spent about an hour on a guided tour of the Castle and ventured into a number of different rooms, learned the history of the place, and very much enjoyed what we saw. We have been in a bunch of Chateau’s, Castles and Big Houses, and I would have to say that the Kilkenny Castle was one of the most enjoyable ones I have seen.

Nice fireplace – there are 60 fire places throughout the Castle.
A number of tapestries were given to the Butlers by the King of England.
Lovely writing desk
Kids room with lots of toys.
David by the tree
Lovely decorated table in the entrance hall
The Dining room – seating for 10 or more.
The guest bedroom in the Castle.
Janeen by one of many Christmas trees throughout the Castle.
The Library – lovely furniture and old books












































The town of Kilkenny is a generous host to gatherings like the Subtitles Film Festival that was going on while we were in town.

The colors of the buildings on the street was nice.
There must have been a pub ever 2nd or 3rd building.
Janeen on the cobble stone street.
Hurling – the national sport of Ireland.

They generate many return visitors, and seem to have a love of American culture

Paris Texas – bar, smokehouse

(see Paris Texas BBQ restaurant photo).

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