7-28-17 IPNC Day One – Walk Around Tasting and Grand Dinner

After returning to the Campus, there was a walk around tasting featuring about 30 different wineries. One in particularly I wanted to meet was J. Hofstatter Winery.

Martin, from Italy and Melissa from Stoller Vineyard

I had met the winemaker two years previously, Martin Foradori Hofstattier, and as we are going to be close to his place early October I wanted to connect with him and arrange a visit. Of course there were others to taste and visit and Janeen was able to have her picture taken with

Véronique and Janeen



Véronique from DDO.

Previously, Page Knudsen Cowles had gifted us with a brand new photo book chronicling the history of Willamette Valley Wineries, and Janeen decided to get photos signed with as many attendees as possible. The mission started with the introduction of this year’s participating vintners, and continued throughout the weekend.

Janeen gets Adam’s signature in the book.

During the walk around tasting she was able to get Adam Campbell who is the winemaker and owner of Elk Cove Winery. Adam’s parents started the winery in 1995 making them an early pioneer in the Valley and he was raised on the property.






Friday evening grand dinner provided hors d’oeuvres and refreshing drinks for the waiting in line time, and assured attendees with disabilities extra time ahead of the crowd. We were fortunate to be seated with the only champagne producers presenting their wines this year, and were also able to try both new and older Pinot Noirs brought to us by Brandon.





Nate and Janeen

Nate, from Argyle, stopped by with some bubbles.


Needless to say, there were a number of wines opened and tasted at our table.

Fresh seafood was the theme of the meal, except for the Solar Eclipse dessert, which glowed with edible glitter around a globe of chocolate enclosing a sunshine bright sweet center.

Octopus carpaccio with potato an summer bean salad.
Albacore tuna tartare, onion “yolk”, charred onion dust, avocado and onion cracker



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