06-17-16 On the River and Vienna

By late afternoon on Thursday we were underway – heading towards Vienna some 300 Kilometers away.  There is something peaceful about cruising along the river with beautiful hillsides, small villages and vineyards along the way.  The further along we went the more dramatic the scenery – steeper hillsides, terraced vineyards, castle ruins.

Castle ruin 1  Vineyards along the Danbue

As we got close to Vienna, we went through our second lock (the first was at 1AM so I didn’t take any pictures).

danbue lock 1
Entering the lock
danbue lock looking back 1
The Captain checking our “fit” as the gate at the stern starts to close.

With still 1 1/2 hours to Vienna, there was still lots to see along the shore.  This place looked like a nice weekend cottage – maybe it’s a AirBNB.Danbue house on bank  Further along was a freight area and train yard.

Danbue silos?
Could not decide if these were silos or apartments! Very strange either way.
danbue freight yard
Train freight yard close to the river – stuff could go on barges or rail from here.

As we drew to our dock in Vienna, this church – Saint Francis of Assisi.  Church    Once we were all docked and organized, we got on the bus for the tour of Vienna including a visit to the Opera House.  Along the Ring Road – where the moat and wall used to be located around the city is now the major road that circles the inner city.  The City is a mix of old and new – all depending on what was destroyed during WW II.

Vienna street scene 1
Pedestrian streets in the center of town make it very pleasant to walk around.
Vienna bus tour horse statue
Of course there were statues.
vienna tour outside opera house 1
This was right outside the Opera House.

We were dropped off and walked past this lovely fountain

Vienna fountain
This fountain had Danu representing the River and Gaia earth mother representing Vienna.

The Opera House was significantly damaged during WW II – a bomb fall through the roof into the audience area destroying all the boxes and stage.  It was rebuilt but can never recapture the original grandeur of the original.

Vienna Opera House stage
Resetting the stage for the nights performance.

The Theatre cycles a different event every day – with about 10 different things happening every two weeks.  That means, every day they have to break down the stage and resent – could be opera, could be ballet, could be a concert.

Vienna Opera House boxes


Vienna Opera House seats us 5
I was ready!

After we had our tour of the Opera House, we walked around the shopping area and eventually we stopped for a sweet and a beverage.

vienna cafe cake vienna cafe cake 1

I had the Chocolate and Janeen had the Apricot.  Both were out of this world.

On the way back to the boat, I took this picture of a floating swimming pool in the canal next to the river.  Vienna floating pool I also did a quick grab picture of this hardware store.  Note the display on the right side of the window.  gun shop 2

After dinner we headed out again – this time to the abbey of Klosterneuburg.  This abbey was built 1000 years ago and is still maintained by the church.  About 5 years ago they had the exterior of the buildings cleaned – really making them beautiful.  As part of our tour we went into the Church, along some various hallways, saw some relics and the monks private garden.

music night outside of church music night chruch inside music night alter music night hallway inside church music night garden  The trip to the abbey was really for a concert of Mozart and Strauss music.  music night violin players music night singers

After a very full day, we got back to the boat and off we went again along the Danbue.  I was sorry we didn’t have more time in Vienna but I can certainly see us coming back here again sometime.