8-26-17 On the Road to Richmond Indiana

Early this morning we left Macomb and continued our journey towards Virginia. After several hours of driving on the freeways we dropped down to US 40 and cruised along through a number of small towns – Greenfield, Knightstown, Dunreith, Lewisville, Straughn, Dublin, Cambridge City, Centerville – until we reached Richmond. US 40 is an east-west route running the entire width of the US starting in New Jersey and ending in Utah (OK, not the entire width of the country).   It seemed like every one of these small towns was having a garage sale or yard sale everywhere. We didn’t stop. Our Best Western was near the eastern side of town and really almost on the state line between Indiana and Ohio.

For dinner we went to the number one Trip Advisor restaurant in Richmond – Galo’s Italian Grill.

Galo’s Italian Grill

Expecting a nice Italian place, I said “Buonasera” – which we all know is an Italian phrase meaning “Good Evening”. Well, they thought I meant “I want Sara to wait on us “and put us in the bar…not liking that spot I moved us elsewhere. When Sara came over and asked if we had requested her station…we said, no,  just honoring the restaurant theme, seems Italian isn’t something they hear much in the restaurant.



We started with a Prosecco which was OK and an appetizer of bruschetta which was OK but not as great as it could have been had they used heirloom tomatoes.

Grilled Eggplant Lasagna

Janeen ordered the grilled eggplant lasagna with spinach, ricotta and mozzarella cheese while




Bolognese sauce with pasta

I had the Bolognese sauce with pasta and an added meatball .

Banfi Chianti Classico

To accompany this we had a Banfi Chianti Classico.

Maybe we have higher expectations then we should be overall the meal was OK – not what I would have expected for the number one restaurant for the area.   Each of our food dishes was pleasant but had no special ingredient to have it stand out from something you might pick up at the frozen section of the supermarket and the wine list, well, it left a lot to be desired.

So, we are back in our room with the rest (half) of the bottle of Chianti some ice and sprite to make some coolers to enjoy for the rest of the evening.

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