8-11-17 to 8-21-17 Everly House, Macomb, Illinois

Interstate 80 across Nebraska, Iowa and into The Land of Lincoln intersected with IL92/67/34 to allow us to drop south and arrive at Dad’s House by late afternoon on the same day we left Boyers in York, NB.

Everly House –
Independent Senior Living

Thanks, President Ike, for the interstate Highway System.

David has camped out at Sullivan’s coffee house to use Internet, found us a global gym (Snap Fitness Maxima machines) and had the Prius serviced.
Janeen has met Dad’s Home Health nurse, his O.T. Nurse, conferred with his LPN friend and watched Harold gain strength daily. He isn’t getting his weekly daughter – update letter, but David and I eat meals with him, join in conversation with his visitors (cousin Larry & Alice, Kathy Turner, cousin Leta) and get an occasional candy bar or some melon to add to supper.

Janeen and Harold walking around the pond

Grandsons Jason & Ryan have spoken with him and sent well wishes, with a photo of great-grand little Miss, of course.

Midwestern weather has generally been kind to us, only defaulting to high humidity and heat for eclipse weekend.

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