8-10-17 York Nebraska

After an easy drive we arrived in York Nebraska to reconnect with some friends we made while living in East Lansing Michigan. Lora and Jon Boyer were part of a church group we met during our graduate school work in the early ‘70’s.     . After we left, in 1973, we have not reconnected with both of them since. Of course we stayed in touch particularly with the annual Christmas Card updates and periodically other times over the last 40 plus years. Recently they have relocated from Manhattan Kansas to live in Jon’s family’s farmhouse in York Nebraska.




Jon has taken the role of farmer seriously as they have 200   or so acres that is planted in corn and soy beans working with someone who actually farms the land in a 50/50 arrangement (he doesn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting mostly writing of checks it seems).


After visiting for a while, we got a tour of the farm and of course a lesion on corn ripeness.


The following day, Janeen and Lora went to Grand Island – a community about 45 minutes away – for an various things. While there they went by Fred’s Flying Circus.

Created by Fred Schritt, a local auto body repair shop owner, he has created a display of whimsical sculptures mostly on poles inside his yard. Mostly using cartoon characters as “auto art” he has created a number of these including Shrek, snoopy, Tweety Bird and others.





Our last evening we went to

PK’s for a lovely dinner.

It was really great to catch up with old friends!

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