06-22-17 & 06-23-17 Day 2 and 3

Cambria is a seaside village in midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco along Highway 1 and about 25 miles north of Morro Bay and a great little day trip to just relax. It is a lovely little town with interesting shops, several restaurants and a bunch of tourist related business. We arrived in time for lunch and stopped at Linn’s a landmark in the town as the place to get pie. Of course we had soup and salad for lunch and left for a walk around of the town.    Several years ago, we were here with our friend Mickey Belt and had a lovely dinner at the Sow’s Ear.  

Of course, Janeen found several shops to go in but only succumbed to a post card and some candies!   We did try and tour the local museum, but it was closed for the season but had a lovely garden which made Janeen very happy.    After walking around for a while, we went back to Linn’s for some Banana Cream Pie!   Lovely stuff.


Once back to Morro Bay, we relaxed for a bit and then headed out for dinner with our hostess Clauda to Luna Red in SLO (San Luis Obispo)    with a lovely bottle of 2005 burgundy from Joseph Drouhin – Gevrey-Chambertain.    This paired surprisingly well with the Paella ordered to share with the three of us.  


Wednesday was travel day but first we had breakfast at Dorn’s a great view of Morro Rock.       After repacking the car we headed out to visit with my sister, Georgia, in Cupertino.

06-21-17 Get Away Day!

Well, we finally made it out of town!  After packing the car and finding a place for everything we got in and drove away.  Our first stop was in Los Olivos for lunch.    We stopped at a lovely spot, Panino for lunch and had great salads.  

From Los Olivos, we continues north to Morro Bay to stay with our friend Claudia at the Marina Street B&B.

  When we arrived, Clauda immediately opened some wine – always a good thing – and we began to relax.

The next several days will be here in Morro Bay relaxing and enjoying our time away.


6-15-17 It’s Thursday and we are OUT of the house

Yes, we have vacated our home and are staying friends for a few days.  This lets the painters get in there and do their magic to the inside of the house for potential renters.  Janeen has a couple more doctor’s appointments (Friday and Tuesday AM and once she is ‘cleared’ we are OUT OF HERE!

6-13-17 In a Week….

Yes, in about a week – seven days – we head out.  So, over the last several months we have:  held a giant garage sale; unloaded lots of stuff to various charities; stored a bunch of stuff in various places; moved a LOT of wine from our on-site storage to off-site storage for duration; been to various doctors to get check ups (including a total Knee replacement for David); had the exterior of the house painted; termite work done; and general done everything except leave. Over the next two days we complete vacating the house so painters can come in and paint the interior of the place and next week our property manager will start showing it for rental. For a few days we will be staying with our friends the Bells so we can do final packing of the car and check on the painters.

So stay tuned as we head out for our Gap Year Adventure.


6-8-17 It’s actually happening

After talking about it for 6 months, the plans are coming together – the first being moving out of our home so it can be rented.  The last couple of weeks have resulted in empty rooms, boxes in storage and lots of items leaving.  Today is the 9th of June – next week the painters come in to spruce up the place and on the 21st or 22nd we leave…

6-6-27 The Clock Continues to wind down to departure

Over the last few days we have continued to pack up the house and make plans for our departure.  Right now we will be out of the house by the 15th of June and stay with some friends for a few days while the painters work on the inside of the house.  Once everything is complete and all the boxes we need stored have been locked away we will get into our car and head NORTH.  The first stop will be in Morro Bay and from there on to Cupertino.

So, stay tuned as the head out on our Adventure.

6-3-17 – 17 days to lift off

Work continues in our efforts to move out of our house.  Boxes have been filled and stored, furniture moved to the garage, address change submitted and packing for our trip is underway.  Over the next 2 weeks, we will be fully out of our home and getting the interior painted for new renters; have paced the car to make sure everything fits and finally stayed with friends for a few days.  First stop, Morro Bay to visit with our friend Clauda.  From there further north to Cupertino and various spots around SF Bay.  Lots more coming folks so stay tuned.


5-30-17 Counting the days

Right now, our plan is to be on the road around June 20th!  Before that, however, there are lot of boxes to pack, items to be tossed and  slew of other things to be able to hit the road.  So, stay tuned as we head out on our ‘gap year’ adventure.

4-10-18 – It all starts in July 2017

Starting in July we head out for our ‘gap year’ adventure which includes spending time in Oregon, driving across the country to Virginia, flying to Portugal for a river cruise, flying to Sttutgart Germany to pick up a new Mercedes-Benz and driving south throughout Italy before dropping the car of for shipment to Virginia.   Tag along via this blog to see what happens.

06-27-16 & 6-28-16 The end….

The 27th was a relaxing day of doing just about nothing.  We did spend some time visiting a couple of shops and packing but beyond that nothing major for sure.  Nice to have a relaxing day prior to flying home.

On the 28th, our driver picked us up and we headed to the airport.  After departing Prague we flew via Amsterdam back to LAX – resulting in being ‘awake’ for 24 hours.  It was a great trip and there are parts I can certainly see going back to for more adventures.  If you have followed along throughout our trip – I hope you enjoyed it.  We had a great time and are already looking forward to our next trip in September 2017!

David & Janeen