5-4-19 Bern Switzerland and my Diva

Something like 14 years ago, while in Portland Oregon, I met an Opera singer – Amber. From time to time since then I have sent her an email or two, but we haven’t actually met face to face since that time. Well, about a year ago while in Europe I discovered she was living and working in Bern Switzerland. Needless to say with our river cruise ending in Basel and the start of our land tour starting in Geneva, stopping in Bern was a no brainer.

After a lovely night staying at the Hotel Basel, we picked up our rental and headed out. Bern was only a little over an hour away through some really lovely country. Rather than stay on the highway, I did venture off a couple of times just to see the sights. It was a lovely drive.

When we got to Bern we found our hotel was under major renovation. The outside of the building was completely covered with scaffolding and when we got off the elevator we were confronted with construction debris and workers.

This is what we saw when the elevator doors opened to our floor.
The view as we headed to our room at the hotel.

This did NOT make me happy and I expressed this to the front desk. Our room was OK, but getting to and from was very unsettling. However, having pre-paid for the room we couldn’t just back up and go somewhere else. The positive side was it was near the old section of Bern and walking distance to all the sights.

After getting settled in we connected with Amber she came over to our hotel and off we went to explore her city. Turns out she is a salaried employee of the Bern Konzert Theater and has a very secure position.

Amber – The Only Diva I know!

She has been in Europe for the last 8 years (she is a US Citizen) and in Bern the last 3 years or so.

A beautiful view of the City, snow clouds forming.
From the top of the mountain overlooking the City. The Cathedral towering above the city.
The wisteria was certainly a pleasant sight hanging down from this building.
The River, the Cathedral and the City of Bern

Amber took us on a walking tour to visit the city, see the Bern bears, walk up to the top of the mountain for the view and then a lovely meal before heading back to our hotel.

Fountain of the Eater of Little Children is along main road of the Old City and has been there since the 16th Century. Gets a lot of attention from tourists taking it’s picture for sure.
Quite an interesting statue for sure.
The Zytglogge is a landmark medieval tower built in the early 13th century, it has served the city as guard tower, prison, clock tower, centre of urban life and civic memorial.
Proof we were there!
A close up of the clock
Asp jeweled high heels – I’m guessing these were not inexpensive and why would you even consider wearing these is beyond me.
Amber pointing to where her apartment (loft) is located – directly across from the Bear Pit.
The Bear is the symbol of Bern and there is a large bear pit at the base of the bridge into the Old City.
One of the bears was taking a nap.
From the top of the mountain overlooking the City. The Cathedral towering above the city.
Janeen getting her flower fix, azaleas.
Janeen sitting with Albert Einstein. He lived in Bern for a couple of years.

Overnight there was a light dusting of snow that made everything beautiful. We packed up our car and headed out to Geneva and the start of our Insight Tour of Switzerland.

Lovely but we were glad the roadways hadn’t frozen for our drive to Geneva
Along the road from Bern – a bit of white around us.

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