3-9-19 Antibes and Michelin Restaurant

On Saturday Ryan and Chris few in from Bordeaux to spend a couple of days with us and explore the area. After picking them up from the airport in Nice we ventured to Antibes. Antibes is one of many Mediterranean resorts along the coast. Situated between Cannes and Nice, the place sticks out into the Mediterranean and has a long history.

After finding a parking place, we wandered through the old town taking in the views, visiting the Market and generally having a lovely time. As with all villages and towns the old section is filled with lovely winding streets, colorful buildings, small shops and hidden treasures.

Old for sure
Just another street
This market had books and household items.

Walking through the market, it is always a colorful experience. Fresh fish, meats, cheeses, spices, flowers all the things you need. For some reason I am always drawn to the display of spices.

Cheese – lots of cheese
Cruising the Market
Fruits, vegetables, other produce
Spices – very colorful
Herbes ready to scoop and take home.

After a tasty lunch we walked along the coast taking in the views of the water and beaches.

Along the water at Antibes
The beach at Antibes

Once we were done with Antibes, we headed back to Vence to the apartment to get ready for dinner at The Bacchanles Restaurant. This is a one star Michelin place very close to our apartment. If we had walked it would have only been about 10 or 15 minutes (but a LOT of up and down) so we drove. No big deal. We arrived about 15 minutes before our reservation and relaxed prior to heading to our table.

The greeter looking for handouts.

I was unaware that Ryan and Chris had never been to a Michelin Star Restaurant. It was great to see their reaction to the place.

The restaurant is small – maybe 24 seats – as we entered the place it was clear there is a relationship with local artists. Modern art was displayed throughout the lobby and again upstairs around the dining room.   Welcoming us as we came up the stairs was an older golden lab – must be the Owner’s dog as he just hung out in the dining room the entire time hoping for a treat to find its way to the floor for him to clean up.

The food and presentation where outstanding.   Our reservation was for 7:30 and I don’t think we left much before 11 – just about right for a Michelin star restaurant in my opinion. Each of us had several amuse bouche, a couple of starters and at least one main plus dessert.

Fish from the med with pistachio glaze
Cheese course – roasted goat cheese with greens
Fish course
Cuttlefish, sea urchin, potato
Roasted cabbage with fava beans
Duck for the soup

Percorino with ham
Little “mushroom” cap treats
Bread with a pesto sauce

All in all it was a delightful evening and a treat to show Ryan and Chris was a Michelin star restaurant is all about.

Chef Christophe Dufau

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