04-06 Providence Restaurant

Ok, it’s been a while but we finally got to a really good restaurant here in Los Angeles.

Providence – as seen from the street.

Providence has been a local hot spot since it opened some 10 years ago and the number one restaurant in town for a number of years (slipped to #2 just this year). We had made a reservation for Friday, the only day of the week they have a lunch serving, to continue the celebration of Jessie’s birthday. Arriving at our appointed time (noon) we entered a dimly lit, with no real windows seating area and a color scheme that can best described as stormy, we took our seats and looked around (non of our party had been here previously). Adorning the walls and ceilings were fish nets (made from paper I think) hanging from the ceiling with barnacles going up the walls and soft glass panels on either side giving the lighting scheme and settled in.

We of course started of with a glass of wine – there is an extensive wine list, many different things available by the glass, and reviewed the dining options. There was various individual items we could have had but well felt the seasonal tasting menu (four course) would meet our needs nicely.

This was the first amuse bouche and was raw baby vegetables in a bed of ice. Everything was edible and it had an Unimayo dipping sauce on the side.
This was the second amuse bouche with a crab tart
Foie Gras – this was my first course. Lovely warm and delicious
Yellowtail (raw) with snap peas. This was Janeen’s first course.























While the corkage fee was high (50 bucks!) we choose to open the bottle of 2006 Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir Louise I had brought for our enjoyment.

Bottle Model, Janeen, with a lovely 2006 Louise from Domaine Drouhin Oregon.









Black Cod with a lovely sauce was the next course as we moved along.
Salmon – lovely sauce and vegies on the side
Liberty Farms Duck (from Sonoma) with a duck sausage to boot.
The first dessert, S’Mores, cocoa Nib with Ice Cream
Final dessert – each morsel was wonderfully rich and tasty.
















The entire experience was wonderful from first to last. This is really a high-end seafood restaurant and they certainly lived up to this reputation.  After a very pleasurable 3 hours (about the right time for a really good meal) we left and headed home.

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