March 9 – Update

Over the last several weeks we were in Macomb Illinois primarily working to get Janeen’s dad into a good living arrangement.  For the last 10 years he has been living in a Senior Independent Living place that allowed him to do things on his own and they provided meals and various room services (laundry, cleaning etc).  However, after experiencing a couple of falls in the last 6 months a higher level of care was needed.  So, much of our time was getting him situated into the ‘right’ spot which has levels of assisted living.  The more active and independent you are the less they have to provide support.  Right now, Harold needs added assistance and they can provide it.  As his strength improves he can be more independent but still have resources available if he needs them.

After getting him situated we were able to celebrate his 101st birthday.  Friends and family shared the time with him.

The Birthday boy with is ‘Vintage’ cap.
Harold and Karina – a nurse who has taken care of his medications for the last several years.
Janeen sharing one of a number of Birthday cards received










Once we got Harold all situated it was time for us to return to Virginia to see our granddaughter, and pack for our upcoming trip to California!  Next Wednesday, the 14th we fly into LAX and stay with friends for 4 weeks.   Visiting close friends we have missed over the last 9 months (it has been since late June of last year when we were last in Los Angeles) , visit various doctors and make sure we are still OK to continue this traveling adventure appointments, eating at some of our favorite restaurants, visiting the Huntington Library and Gardens and of course collecting several cases of wine to bring back with us from our storage spot in Glendale.

So, the adventure continues!

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