11-10 Final days in London & first pub in Dublin

Our last day or so in London had us walking around a lot – visiting various shops and picking up play tickets to see The Ferryman.

The Market place – this was really across the square from the Apple store. Not sure if that’s how the Market got it’s name or not.
Janeen really liked the large Mistletoe hanging from the ceiling
Outside the Market was this big potted Christmas Tree. No decorations really on it yet.
Entertainment in Leicester Square. This guy ended up juggling three pins at the top of the ladder. Nice entertainment.

The area round the Apple Store, which I visited a couple of times, was called Leicester Square.

A large Christmas market opened that evening in Leicester Square. Fortunately there wasn’t anything we HAD to have being sold.

In the center of the Square was a Christmas market that opened while we were there – nice things but we were not in the buying mood.

HUGE M&M store – of course we went in.
There were three levels, or maybe four, of various M&M stuff. We didn’t buy anything but did get some free samples.



































Also, part of the square, is an M&M Store.   This store reminded me of the store in NYC we visited some years ago. The place is 3 or 4 levels with LOTS of M&M stuff. We got some free samples and left.








The Giegud Theatre home for the Ferryman.
The Ferryman cover of the program.
The principals of Ferryman

The Ferryman is a LONG play (3 hours!) so we got tickets for the Saturday afternoon performance. The play is about Northern Ireland, 1981. The Carney farmhouse is a hive of activity with preparations for the annual harvest. A day of hard work on the land a a traditional night of feasting and celebrations lie ahead. Unfortunately a visitor comes and delivers bad news – the brother of the principal star who has been missing for 10 years has been found dead.   WE find out a lot about him, his brother, the wife (now widow) and the rest of the doings during a turbulent period in Irish history. Very well done and is being considered the “play of the year” in the West End Theatre world.

Sunday we were off to Heathrow Airport and a flight to Dublin.  After we checked in to our Hotel we immediately headed to the local pub – also called The Ferryman for a pint or two.

The Ferryman Pub – in Dublin – close to our Hotel.
I never did get this guys name but we spent a couple of hours drinking pints and talking! Really an enjoyable afternoon.
Not crowded when we got there as they were not serving any food – only during the week – just pints of great beer.


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