11-6 to 11-8 London

London has the British Museum (Victoria & Albert), National Gallery, Changing of the Guard, Kensington Palace, Tower of London, Churchill War Rooms, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Thames River Dinner Cruise all great activities and some of which we have tasted. However, doesn’t seem like we will be doing any of these on this trip – at least so far!

We arrived via Euro Star Train on Sunday – that evening we saw a play called The Comedy About a Bank Robbery. This is a production of Mischief Theatre Company and they have another award winning production called The Play That Goes Wrong that we saw on Tuesday. Both were very entertaining, especially if you are a fan or “Panto”.  The Play That Goes Wrong is in pre-production on Broadway and will be opening soon. During the day we really haven’t done much but walk around and enjoy our stay in Covent Gardens. (David “shopped” and actually purchased things!)

The stairs down to our apartment.

This area of London, Soho, has a bunch of restaurants, bars, shops, coffee places and generally a very active crowd – although mostly younger than us (big surprise).

The Covent Garden (near Dean St.) apartment we are staying at, while in the basement, is quite nice. While there are some things I would change, if it were mine, generally it’s OK. The steps down to the front door do have the potential of being very slick in the rain but there is a strong handrail, so not a problem there really.

Sherlock Holmes pub – not even close to Baker Street.
Emily joined us for a Pint and a meal. Great to get caught up.
After our OK dinner and FANTASTIC Sticky Pudding we stopped for a photo outside.

On Monday we were able to meet up with a friend of Jason and Terri’s’, Emily who is in town for work. Emily had stayed at our home in Alhambra sometime last spring for a few days and it was neat to catch up with her here for a pint and a meal. When we were here 4 years go, the Sherlock Holmes Pub was discovered right close to our hotel – which happens to be the same one Emily is staying at – so it was fun to swing by again and have a beverage and a dessert of their

FANTASTIC Sticky Pudding – at Sherlock Holmes Pub – wonderful.












Sticky Toffee pudding – still amazing!






The City is getting more decorations all the time for Christmas (remember there is NO Thanksgiving here in the UK in November) and lights are turning on in the evening making it quite lovely. Of course, Tiffany’s, Harrods, Selfridges are bedecked with greens, lights and other sparkle. Lots of construction, renovation, and roadwork making driving in the City a task for professionals.

Harrods all decked out for Christmas
Of course we had to visit Harrods.
We had breakfast at a nice spot, Jackson & Rye our first morning
Janeen stopped to smell the flowers at Harrods
The joy of having to figure out which dessert to have is really hard!
More desserts
and More desserts


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