10-26 to 10-28 Brittany – Vannes and Bayeux

The last few days had us first in Vannes and now in Bayeux. Vannes is in the northwestern area of France – Brittany. We spent a relaxing day walking around the old medieval area of town visiting a number of different shops and going into the Cathedral.

Just one of the squares in Vannes. Notice how the buildings overhang to give more floor space above the basic structure.
One of the narrow streets in the old section of Vannes.








Fantastic lunch spot in Vannes. Would come back here if we are in the area.

We had a lovely lunch at a spot called Le Tete En L’air that I found in Trip Advisor. Interesting concept, you tell them the number of courses you want and what you don’t like (in my case animal organs) and they bring you surprises. After you have finished your dish they tell you what you had. Nice concept and the presentation were really well done.


One of the remaining gateways into the old section of Vannes.
This little garden was just behind a gate as we walked along in Vannes.
Saint-Patern Church of Vannes
One of the alters in the Cathedral in Vannes.
One of the many lovely windows in the Cathedral in Vannes
























After lunch we walked back to our hotel and relaxed with a lovely bottle of bubbles.

We left Vannes and headed to Bayeux – this is to be our spot from which we will visit Mont Saint Michele (Monday) and possible do a D Day Beaches tour.  However, first we stopped for a lovely lunch in a small hill top town of Avranches.  Delightful lunch and afterwards we walked around a bit before continuing on to Bayeux.

Stopping in Avranches at this lovely spot for lunch. Filled with locals which is always a good sign.
Janeen particularly liked these floors hanging on the Hotel in Avranches.
We stopped for lunch in Avranches on our way to Bayeux and of course it too has old stuff just there for everyone to see.

After we checked into our hotel we strolled out to see what we could find. There are two museums we are specifically going to do (tomorrow) the first is for the Bayeux Tapestry said to have been made in 1070s – making it really old and the second is the Museum of the Battle of Normandy. Little did I know, until we got here in Bayeux, that this little town was the first town liberated after the D Day landing! More on that tomorrow.

The Bayeux Cathedral from where we had a pot of tea.


So, as this is just a quick update, I can safely say that this area of Brittany we have pass through has been delightful. Lovely views at every turn.

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