10-23 Chaumont-Sur-Loire

When Janeen discovered that the annual Garden Festival at Chaumont-Sur-Loire (Flower Power 2017) was about to close, it didn’t matter if it was rain or shine so we headed out to discover that it was all about.

Chateau Chaumon-Sur-Loire from across the Loire River

The Chateau has been around for almost 1000 years under various ownerships and conditions. As with many of the older Chateau’s, they have fallen into disrepair but this seems to have survived. It became owned by the State in 1938, and has been the site of the Garden Festival since 1992. Contemporary garden designers are assigned a plot, and write a theme script to match their planting displays. Some of Janeen’s favorites are featured in the photos.

Bridge to forest and the river of mist
Valley of the Mists – a river of mist created at the end of a trail.

Most amazing was the designers’ ability to plant to theme from April through October. Perhaps the roses floating on a water mirror of water lilies were not as vibrant as they were earlier in the season, but the image remained.









Very large lily pads – must have been at least 24 inches across
Plants within the tropical greenhouse

The mini greenhouse complete with giant lily pads and tiny frogs stayed tropical despite the outdoor autumn chill and red and yellow leaves falling.










Entrance to Witch’s Haven

Rita Smith, I have included many photos within the witch’s haven, still flourishing with medicinal and sensory plantings as well as a bottle tree and metal lid wind chime.

Witches area – David of course.
Witches Bottle Tree
Within the Witches Haven where several displays – this was a nice wind chime made from bottle and jar caps

















Purple hight and low

Cindy, you came to mind, as certain beds were entirely purple, from low-lying vines to tall asters and dalias.





Plants growing out of the stone blocks
Plants growing out of the stones and cracks







The passion flowers hang down from tall planters that represent “stones” that a “king of flowers” sought to imprison all flowers within, only to have them break through the stone after his death. Many of the displays used the theme of fragility and strength, both attributes of the flowers of the earth.

Pumpkins and autumn decorations around the place
Seed packets made into a quilt.
Protestors Platform – a group staged a “riot” while we were there
Pumpkins seemingly floating on the water
A field of white pumpkins


David with a little Autumn color





























The Chateau – we went inside but didn’t tour the entire place.
Fall colors at the entrance to the Chateau









David on the draw bridge

The Chateau interior reflects 19th century owners updates, so, although quite lovely in the photos, we chose to view the more impressive 19th century stables.


Janeen standing by a tower of pumpkins along the path to the stables






Entrance to the Stables
Interior courtyard of the stables
Part of the tack room
Lovely old coach
















A curtain of Status hanging from the ceiling in the stables


Art installations are tucked into every available “outbuilding” space, the stable have long strands of dried flowers, statis, which I coveted for my wedding bouquet.

The horses of Chaumont were treated royally, and had leather from Hermes and electric lighting and running water.


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