9-28-17 On the Road to Innsbruck

Stuttgart to Innsbruck – on the road most of the day but only went 325 Km (201 miles). But it was a lovely drive through the southern Alps of Germany and into the Alps of Austria. Mostly an uneventful day – but lovely views. Our hotel in Innsbruck seems to be a jumping off point for hikers as there are special packages which include various treks in the nearby mountains.

Just one of the many beautiful views along our road today.
Here’s our car on the side of the road.
A little church just to the side of our travels.



Could not believe all the beautiful views we saw along the way today.
A beautiful couple standing on the side road if I do say so myself.
Here’s or track for the day.
Our hotel in Innsbruck – nice clean place.
















Tomorrow is Venice – well, not really, but close. We are staying at a hotel near the airport so we can pick up Terri and Jason who will be joining us in Venice for a few days prior to their flight back to Virginia.

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  1. Really looking nice…beautiful car, gorgeous views and a damn fine looking couple !! Bet the foods been pretty good, too !! Safe travels my friends…hope to see you soon on this side of the Atlantic.

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