9-17-17 University of Coimbra and arrival to Porto

Sunday we packed everything up and loaded on the bus to head to Porto to board the boat for the river portion of the UniWorld adventure. However, after stopping for lunch we went to visit the Library at the University of Coimbra. This is one of the oldest universities in Europe having started in the 1290 in Lisbon and moved a coupe of times until it reached a final location in Coimbra 1537.

Our guide explaining what the University Student wears and the history of all its parts. These robes were the model for the Harry Potter books.
The front steps of the old King’s Palace now used for classrooms and offices.
The front door of the library.

Our main stop was the old library. This was built between 1717 and 1728; it is one of the exponents of the Baroque Portuguese and one of the richest European libraries. It consists of three floors: it was completed in 1728 began receiving the first books after 1750, and currently its collection comprises some 40,000 volumes. Richly decorated in the Baroque style it was an interesting site.

Shot looking through the library to the end. Basically three different rooms with two levels of books in each.
The ladder in place on the second level.
The end of the library with a painting of the founding King.
One of the side rooms of the library.












Main alter of the Capela de Saint Miguel

After the Library we paid a short visit to the to the Capela de Saint Miguel. The original chapel most likely dates from the 16th Century and the decorations clearly show that influence.






The organist has to crawl into the organ from underneath from the back side to be able to play the thing.

The organ, mounted between two windows, is really way oversized for the space. The chapel is still used for worship and other ceremonies’







Capela de Saint Miguel Virgin Saint statue

After the visit to the University we completed our drive to Porto and boarded the Queen Isabella.

The City of Porto taken from our patio on the boat. This is looking up the river.


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