8-6 Bozeman

Our visit to Bozeman, with David and Bonnie, included a visit to The American Computer & Robotics Museum. This is a museum of the history of computing, communications, artificial intelligence and robotics and includes a number of very interesting pieces of computer history including the very first Apple created.

A complete inventory of various early computers
Robbie the Robot!


After the Computer place, we went to the Museum of the Rockies. The Museum houses the largest collection of dinosaurs in the United States. This includes the largest Tyrannosaurus skull ever discovered, T-Rex remains and lots more. It also had an interesting collection physical and cultural history of the people and animals who lived in the area.


Outside there was a living history farm which includes the Tinsley House were costumed interpreters demonstrate life in a turn of the century home.

Bonnie in the Kitchen

To end the day, we went to a Shakespeare in the Parks presentation of You Never Can Tell It was a fun evening.

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