06-27 & 06-28 Beautiful Days for sure

Tuesday afternoon was too beautiful to stay inside, so sister Georgia and Janeen visited Peace and Harmony Hakone Park in Saratoga. Summer vistas in this traditional Japanese garden are a study in greens and reflections off the water.  

Late blooming sun azaleas mirrored Janeen’s touring tunic and hinted at the colors of the old koi beneath the bridge.

  Bamboo forest and camellia tea gardens surround the soothing sounds of the waterfall tumbling into the lily pond, which is crossed by a moon bridge.

  Once a private retreat, constructed in the early twentieth century, it was maintained and added to during the 1940’s despite California’s political fears of the Japanese culture. The city of Saratoga has preserved the original design as a city park, and added a cultural venue building, which showcases the garden’s history.

Later that evening, we all went out for Mexican food in a lovely spot in in Los Altos, Estrellita Mexican Bistro & Cantina.   It doesn’t look like much but the menu was broad and the drinks cold.    This was a lovely spot and we all had plenty to eat. The pitcher of Margaritas was particularly good.  

On Wednesday, we connect with a very old friend, Myrt – who we last saw in 1982 in Bethlehem PA!  It was fantastic to reconnect with her and catch up all the things that have happened in the last 35 years or so.

With nothing better to do, Janeen, Georgia and Liz finished a 1000 piece puzzle of potato chip bags this evening.

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