07-21-18 Catching up – Portland, Boston, Mystic Seaport

After a delightful stay in Saint John we headed back to the US of A stopping in Freeport Maine to visit LL Bean.

Some big boots to fill outside the entrance

We visited here many years ago and to say the place has changed would be a mild understatement. LL Bean takes up a LOT of space with different sections for various kinds of merchandise.

You can get lost in this place!

Fortunately there really wasn’t anything we needed so packed up and headed to Portland Maine for lunch at Eventide Oyster Company.

Looking over the menu at Eventide

A great selection of Oysters (duh)

A dozen oysters – could have done this selection all over again.

along with some other treats

Maine Lobster Stew – clearly didn’t skimp on the good stuff
Peekytoe Crab Bun – Piled high!

made lunch very nice. After a quick tour of the City we headed back on the road towards Boxford and our friends Joel and Wendy.

Joel – we have know this clown for over 40 years!
Joel and Wendy

Boxford is just north of Boston and their home is hidden amongst the trees. Beautiful spot right now but gosh all the snow that comes makes it a challenge to get to I’m sure. During our visit we didn’t do very much – ok, one trip into Cambridge for lunch at Bartley’s Burger Cottage.

Onion Rings and Meat – hard to beat at Bartley’s Burger Cottage

They have great burgers and wonderful onion rings!

After a short stop to visit with friends Susanne and Peter in Milton

Peter and Suzanne – we would walk our dogs together when we all loved in Cambridge in the early 70’s.

we found our way to Mystic Seaport. Having not been here before it was a lovely day to explore the seaport and tour the area where they are restoring a wooden ship, get on board the last remaining wooden wailing ship and enjoy the day by the water.

Charles W. Morgan – the last remaining wooden wailing ship
Colorful view along the walkways
Here we are next to the Charles W. Morgan.
The cooper at Mystic Seaport
One of a number of pictures with Janeen and life rings. I think this makes maybe 50 or so different ones.

Afterwards, we went back to Bethlehem and stayed in our friends Jim and Carol’s place while they were at their lake house.   We did discover a wonderful ice cream store -Bethlehem Dairy Store – that existed when we lived there but we didn’t know about.

Sunday with a Cherry on top
Sunday with chocolate

Several days to get all the laundry done, relax a bit and off we went to Springfield Virginia and our home base with our son Jason and his family.

Along the entire trip – both when we did our swing to Savannah Georgia and this last time when we got all the way up to Prince Edward Island we have been scouting out places where we might rent a place for a landing pad. As yet nothing has really jumped out at us but we are still looking.

Now we are getting ready for the trip to California via Macomb Illinois (Janeen’s dad) to do a final clearing of the house in Alhambra (to sell it) and to visit with friends. If you have been following along, and are anywhere between Illinois and California, reach out and we will see if we can stop by!



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  1. Well done! Maybe you could live at Costco and do their wines, move around to their stores and enjoy the wine shoppers. I meet all sorts of retired folks working in the wine section who have excellent knowledge of wines from all over. Our kitchen is almost done, so you ought to come back and help us maximize it. Keep us posted on what you’re doing. We hope to see Myrt, then, Howard in Maine in August. Stay well and in good wine, bob

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