10-26 Final Day in our Villa

Over the last week we have stayed at a wonderful VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) in the small village of Rochecorbon France. Our hostess, Frédérique was wonderful. It turns out she has four units in an old mill structure where they live in one unit and rent out the other three. Each of the units has various amenities but they all have wifi, kitchen, bath, TV and other the other things you might expect. Having free parking was a plus of course.

Our unit was on the far left in the shadows the other spaces were lived in by the family or other rental units.
Our lovely car waiting for its next adventure.
The back of our place. Laundry machine downstairs which we used several times.
The “back” of the buildings from where we parked the car. There was a small creek running through the middle.

Prior to arrival she sent us a packet of information including restaurant recommendations, descriptions of all the various Chateaus and monuments in the area and general more information then we could take in all at once sitting. One of her restaurant recommendations required prior reservations. When we asked about it, she made the reservation a couple of days before we arrived – very nice place called Les Gueules Noires (in our post dated 10-20). Just around the corner from the front door is a bakery – where I went every morning for fresh bread and just down the road is a small market with all the essentials you might need (including frozen pizza).


Her husband, Nicoles took care of any problems in the apartment – changing out the chairs, putting in new light bulbs and making sure the wifi was working properly. Both he and Frédérique speak several languages of course and spent several years living in the San Diego area of California for a while so the have some understanding of we Americans for sure.


This has been a wonderful base for our exploration of the Loire Valley and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a spot to relax and stay for a few days.



From the outside, not very impressive but lovely on the inside
This is the view from the front door towards the bedroom and kitchen. Bathrooms on the right.
Of course it came with a TV, which we never turned on.
Sofa made into a bed for xtra company or if Janeen got made at me.
Looking towards the street side of the apartment.
The kitchen with table, fridge on the right, cooking top and oven on the left.
The cooking side
Janeen spent some time on the porch patio. It was a lovely day.  
My corner Boulanger Patissier – I went every morning for fresh bread.


You can reach out and reserve this little slice of heaven for yourselves by contacting them at:  www.loirevalleymedievalgetaway.com

If you do, be sure to say hello to Frédérique for us!

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